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The Custom Display allows you to create single line displays with data acquired through reports, GOOSE, or polling from multiple IEDs across a substation. This allows you to visualize a test in a single view with updated data values. The custom display is saved as part of a workspace so that you can re-load the display later as needed for specific test cases.

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Quickly Create Custom Displays

Create displays easily by dragging data objects from the Data Miner onto the custom display window. Data objects can be added from multiple IEDs using different retrieval methods (GOOSE, Report, or Polled). This allows you to simplify testing with a single display that shows data from several different sources.



Retrieve Data through GOOSE, Reports, or Polling

Simply set the data retrieval method, and 61850 Test Suite Pro does all the hard work for you. The tool analyzes the IED data model and determines if the data can be retrieved from GOOSE or reports and then retrieves the data through the selected method. This saves you time by avoiding the manual process of enabling the correct report or subscribing to the right GOOSE control block. If the data is not available through GOOSE or reports, then polling can be used. If you want full control of how GOOSE or reports are used, then the Advanced Client tool provides full access to client functions.



View Data in Table

It is also possible to view data in a table format by using the Data Monitor display. This allows you to view lots of data in one place with data value, quality, and time stamps.

Learn More about Custom Displays

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn more about how custom displays can be created.

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