61850 Test Suite Lite


Test Suite Lite is a Windows® application with a subset of the tools that are available in the full version of Test Suite Pro. Test Suite Lite offers a lower cost option with a limited number of features to enable the user to perform the basic diagnostic functions necessary for 61850 testing.

The list below compares the features available in Test Suite Lite & Test Suite Pro to a typical 61850 test tool.

KEY DIFFERENCES between Test Suite Lite and Test Suite Pro are outlined below:

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Features Test Suite
Test Suite
Typical 61850
Test Tool 
 Browse 61850 Data Model      
Hierarchical view of the Full IED Model (Advanced Client   ✔  
Flat view with prefiltered selection of key process Data Objects from all IEDs that can be grouped or filtered using factory or user defined presets (Data Miner)     ✔   
Number of servers that can be connected to (* unlimited, typical maximum of 50 based on computer performance)  * *  1
Number of servers that can be simulated (IED Simulator) (* unlimited, typical maximum of 50 based on computer performance)  5  *  1
Support control services based on control model configuration of the Data Object      
Visualize Buffered/Unbuffered reports (Report Viewer)      
Compare SCL to the online Modem (Compare Model)      
Support Log Services      
  Browse/Stream Logs (Log Services)      
Support File Services      
  Browse/Download Files (File Services)      
Publish/Receive GOOSE      
Publish Simulated GOOSE (GOOSE Publisher)  
Consolidated view of GOOSE messages Received (GOOSE Viewer)      
Track all the GOOSE streams on Network for Validity (GOOSE Tracker)      
Visualize GOOSE Subscription status in all IEDs (LGOS)      
Data Visualization      
View Attribute Values as Tiles (Group Display)      
Customize layout of tiles to represent one line diagram (Custom Display)      
Signal Visualization      
Record and View Signals as Time Chart (Logic Analyzer)      
Record and View Signals in a Signal Flow diagram      
Support configuration of Mod and LPHD.Sim and observation of Beh for all LNs for virtual isolation during tests in a live system (Mod/Beh/Sim)      
Create a repeatable test sequence (Test Sequencer)      
Network Sniffer      
View all IEC 61850 network activity (Output)      
Analyze IEC 61850 packet data      

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