Troubleshooting & Conformance Testing with DNP3
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Previously held April 30th, 2024

Since its introduction in 1993, Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) has become a powerful standardized communication protocol that provides significant advantages for SCADA operations to communicate with remote devices over a large distance. DNP3 has achieved widespread acceptance and has been implemented across many industry applications, particularly electrical and water utilities. As a result, there is an ongoing need to monitor and resolve DNP3 communications issues in the field effectively and quickly.


For device vendors, SCADA communication testing is difficult and time consuming.  Interoperability problems in the field cause serious support issues. For Utilities, connection problems and configuration issues slow down device integration times and create downtime.


Having the right tools can simplify your testing & troubleshooting while improving efficiency & productivity by allowing you to prevent many issues that would typically occur in the field.  Communication Protocol Test Harness is a powerful tool for monitoring and troubleshooting all your DNP3 testing and activities. This webinar is designed to review the common use cases when working with DNP3 ranging from troubleshooting connection vs protocol issues to preparing for conformance testing.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to troubleshoot & resolve common connection problems
    • Identify & resolve configuration issues using Test Harness and Wireshark
  • How to troubleshoot & resolve common protocol issues
    • Learn to monitor communications with Test Harness or Wireshark
    • Learn how to connect and configure a compliant Master or Outstation
  • How to generate messaging traffic for Event & Unsolicited configurations
  • How to prepare for conformance testing with the official Conformance Test Procedures published by the DNP Technical Committee
  • Watch how Tcl/Tog scripting and C# plugins can be used to develop full custom tests

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Matt Green
Senior Applications Engineer
Triangle MicroWorks, Inc.

Matt is a senior applications engineer here at Traingle MicroWorks. He’s been with Triangle for about 6 years and specializes QA testing with all our simulation tools and gateway. Matt is also one of our lead product trainers and presenter for webinars and customer demos.

Who should attend this course: 

  • Protection & Control Engineers/ Managers
  • System Integrators
  • Software Engineers/Managers


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