GOOSE Testing

Troubleshooting and testing GOOSE is much easier with 61850 Test Suite Pro. GOOSE messages can be viewed as both streams and events depending on what you are testing. For troubleshooting, the GOOSE Tracker sniffs GOOSE streams on the network and provides status information. For system or IED testing, the GOOSE Events display shows the GOOSE events with value, quality, and time information.

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Troubleshoot GOOSE from IEDs

The GOOSE Tracker sniffs GOOSE on the network to identify streams that are valid, misconfigured, simulated, or timed out. The tool automatically compares the GOOSE re-transmission messages to the SCL configuration and identifies any differences. For example, the GOOSE Tracker will highlight if an IED is publishing a GOOSE stream that does not match the SCL File.



View GOOSE Events

The GOOSE Event Viewer shows a sequence of events log for incoming GOOSE events from IEDs with time stamps, quality, and data values. 61850 Test Suite Pro can automatically subscribe to the correct GOOSE control block for you or there is the option to manually subscribe from the model view or GOOSE Tracker. And it is easy to subscribe to several GOOSE control blocks from multiple IEDs across the substation.


GOOSE Publisher

Troubleshoot GOOSE Subscribers

The GOOSE Publisher tool is used to test and troubleshoot IEDs that subscribe to GOOSE. The tool publishes individual GOOSE control blocks with full control to manually override both header information and data values in the GOOSE messages. For example, you can change the simulation bit so the GOOSE stream appears to be coming from test equipment or change the data quality to see how IEDs respond to GOOSE inputs.



Learn More about GOOSE Testing

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn more about testing GOOSE.



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