Compare Model Tool

Quickly Find and Resolve System Errors Due to Out-of-date Configuration Files

System errors due to IEDs with out-of-date configuration files used to require tedious and time consuming comparisons. But not any longer!  The Test Suite Pro Compare Model tool automatically performs a discovery of each IED and compares it to the SCL file, and notifies you of any conflicts.

Find changes by comparing configuration on SCL File
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Find Out-of-Date Configuration in Devices
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View Differences at Each Level of the Model Hierarchy

Not sure where to look for configuration errors? With the Data Model Compare tool, you can quickly and easily view differences at each level in the hierarchy.

View Differences at Each Level of the Hierarchy
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Group and Filter by Category

You can also group and filter by category, making it super easy to find differences between the SCL File and the actual configuration of the IED.
Filter and Group Objects

Group and Filter by Category
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