Communication Protocol Test Harness

The Test Harness is a powerful tool for testing DNP3, IEC 60870-5, and Modbus devices.

Custom Functional Tests

  • Commands may be executed individually or all run as a sequence. Conditional command sequences can be used to automatically test specific DUT functionality.
  1. Clicking on the button next to the command description executes the command. The command description may be user modified.
  2. A “progress bar” gives graphic indication for time of next command execution when in repeat interval mode.
  3. A Validate Points Command verifies the device returned the expected data values.
  4. Drag & Drop (or cut/paste) to change Command Order or copy/move to another command window.
  5. Use custom Tcl commands or any .NET programming language (VB, C#, J#, etc.) to provide functionality not covered by existing commands.

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