Establishing a Vendor Independent Specification Process to
Support Top-Down Engineering
of IEC 61850 Systems

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Previously held on Thursday, December 14th, 2023 at 10am EST

A consortium of leading European utilities have agreed to an Engineering Process Common Vision which offers a unified perspective on IEC 61850 engineering.

 This “Common Vision” (IEC61850 Engineering Process Common Vision ( aims to establish an industry- and standardization-supported top-down engineering solution, eliminating user- or vendor-specific approaches while introducing a fully digitalized, machine-readable specification format.

In support of this vision, Elia has led a “proof of concept” initiative, designed to spur development of the tools, and processes necessary for the common vision to become a common reality. In this pursuit, Elia enlisted the support of industry leading organizations, including Elvexys, Helinks, Siemens, and Triangle MicroWorks.

Together, we are excited to further explain the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Common Vision
  • Introduction to the IEC61850 standard enhancements related to the engineering process
  • Explanation and Demonstration of:
    • Concept Phase of the Engineering Process, i.e. defining Application Templates
    • Specification Validation through Simulation
    • Device Selection and Validation from Specification
    • Project System Configuration
    • Device Configuration
During this webinar, we will demonstrate the design of a real digital substation system using tool prototypes from Helinks(STS), Triangle MicroWorks (Distributed Test Manager) and Siemens (DIGSI 5).

Presented by:
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Thomas Sterckx
Thomas Sterckx
Expert Virtual Substations at Elia
Elia Engineering

Working at Elia since 2014, with a focus on IEC61850 system engineering and modelling. Member of IEC61850 WG10 and Cigré B5.68, and co-editor of IEC 61850-90-30 and IEC 61850-7-6 ed2.0.

Jackson Moore
Application Engineer
Triangle MicroWorks, Inc.

Jackson received degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and has a background in power systems engineering. Prior to joining Triangle, Jackson worked as a Microgrid Systems Engineer, where he aided in the design and development of control systems for multi-source microgrids. In his role of Application Engineer, Jackson serves as a bridge between our customers and our development team, seeking to understand and solve the unique and complex challenges facing the energy automation sector.

Yannick Thiessoz
Yannick Thiessoz
Engineering Project Manager
Elvexys SA

Yannick holds over 15 years of experience at Elvexys SA, a Swiss company within CONDIS Group, renowned for designing innovative and robust solutions for data management, engineering of energy transport and distribution networks in Europe. Specializing in the IEC61850 vendor-independent System configuration tool, Helinks STS, Yannick serves as a key figure in training and user support. In addition to his role as product manager for customized client versions of Helinks STS, he oversees standardization projects for TSOs, DSOs, and integrators.

Cedric Harispuru

Cedric Harispuru
Product Manager SIPROTEC DigitalTwin
Siemens Global

After his graduation from Centrale Supélec and the University of Darmstadt,  Cédric Harispuru joined Siemens AG in 2006. He is Product Lifecycle Manager and Senior Key Expert for Engineering Tools in the energy automation. He is responsible for SIPROTEC DigitalTwin, SIPROTEC Tools and IEC 61850 engineering. He is member of IEC TC57 WG10.




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