What's New - SCL Navigator

Current Release: v1.3.6
Release Date:  November 2023

Newest Features in this Release 

  • Added a Quick Start Page on start up
  • Enhanced Compare Model functionality between SCD and other files.
  • Implemented addition of Comments and Private Elements.
  • Added function to Import/Export SCL Templates via XML file
  • Added the ability to export Data Templates as a NSD file
  • Added the ability to import NSD files as a new User Logical Node Library.
  • Added functionality to generate Mapping files for DNP3 Points from 61850 SCL.
  • Updated to the latest RiseClipse Verify version.

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Key Additions to Recent Releases


  • Update to the latest RiseClipse Verify version 1.2.4 (previously OCL Verify).
  • Update LN Library to the Latest NSD.
  • New line Editor.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Added OCL Verify, the tool can now compare the SCL files to a set of OCL and NSD Rules.
  • Added a utility to manage IEDs IPs: This utility is used to quickly reassign IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, and Gateway Addresses to multiple IEDs simultaneously.


  • Added the ability to delete DAinstancesinbulk even without value elements


  • Added Model Comparison to the SCL Navigator. The comparison tool will review
    two identified files and evaluate any SCL Element and report states of Missing,
    Matched or Modified.


  • Added sAddresss Import and Export functionality


  • Stability improvements


  • Added support for the Edition 2.1 Schema (2007B4)
  • Added schema conversion to convert the 2007B (Edition 2) schema to the 2007B4 (Edition 2.1) schema
  • Implemented an expert mode and normal mode. The normal mode provides greater guidance for new users and the expert mode allows full control over the SCL File. 
  • Added on-the-fly model validation which validates the schema, lists possible values for an attribute, and highlights values as default, optional, or mandatory as the model is updated
  • Improved the search capability
  • Improved configuration of datasets and control blocks
  • Added capability to add multiple instance values for an object

v1.0 - the first release of SCL Navigator

SCL Navigator V1.0 is a major new release with many new features to make editing, viewing, and checking SCL files easier. Here are highlights of this release:

  • Updated editing interface to use a simplified XML view
  • Added a new view to show SCL file as an interpreted data model
  • Added a new editor to manage data type templates with the capability to edit and reuse templates for data objects and logical nodes
  • Added new capability to automatically clean data templates to remove unused template information from the data type templates section
  • Improved SCL Verify with the capability to highlight specific errors and warnings in the editor window
  • Extended logical node library to include -90-7 DER models

SCL Forge has been repackaged as SCL Navigator

  • SCL Forge has been repackaged into SCL Navigator which will be released separately from 61850 Test Suite starting in January 2018

SCL Forge Upgrade Information

  • SCL Forge licenses with maintenance expiration dates of September 1, 2017 or later can be upgraded to SCL Navigator for free
  • Contact support for a new product key to upgrade
  • Full details about upgrading to SCL Navigator can be found in the TMW Customer Portal by downloading the "What's New" document for SCL Navigator V1.0
  • Or contact sales@TriangleMicroWorks.com for information about upgrading

Prior releases of SCL Forge are listed below:

v3.9.1 - Improved checking of SCL files with SCL Verify

v3.8.0 - Added support for private and text fields in EnumType elements

v3.7.0 - New licensing options including a network-based license and support for VM’s
Updated SCL File Checking with new tests and better debugging capability
Added ability to filter SCL File Checking results based on test type, severity, IED, and other parameters
v3.6.1 - The Object Model now shows the relationships between a point's Timestamp, Quality, and Value in the Object Model
Added the ability to sort by columns in the Flat View pane

v3.5.59 - Added SCL File Consistency and Completeness Check

v3.5.54 -  Added ResvTms to Settings Group items in Services section
Updated Schema to 1.6 for Ed. 1
Updated Ed. 1 and Ed. 2 templates used to build new SCL files
Added ability to add an LN under AccessPoint

v3.5.15 - Added support for Ed.2, including Tracking Nodes, Security, Object Model changes, and Function Constraints.  Added new rules for custom CDCs.




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