Garibaldi: IEC 61850 Security Management Tool


Garibaldi is a Key Distribution and System Management tool for IEC 61850.

Garibaldi can:

  • Manage large numbers of multicast group's key and policy distribution
  • Manage system enrollment to allow revocation
  • Operate in centralize or de-centralized environmentsSecure GOOSE

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Key Distribution and Access Control

Garibaldi Key Support Functions Include:

  • IEC 61850 Key Management
  • Multi-domain routing
  • PKI Management/Certificate Authority(s)
  • User Identification
  • Logging
Garibaldi Key Distribution and Access Control

Garibaldi Security Key Support Functions

Security Domains

Supports deployments that are:
  • Centralized
  • Decentralized (Mesh)
Garibaldi provides the perfect mix between resilience and standalone security requirements.
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Garibaldi Supports Centralized and De-centralized (Mesh) Deployments

IEC 61850 Security

Garibaldi provides security functionality to IEC 61850 as shown in the adjacent table.

IEC 61850 key and policy distribution for GOOSE, R-GOOSE, SV and R-SV via:

  • Distribution and management
  • Individual keys generated per DataStream (increases security)
  • Distribution and management per IEC 62351-9
Security Functions Messages  Policy
Authentication of peers communicating with each other  GOOSE/SV  Garibaldi
Prevention of message tampering  GOOSE/SV  Garibaldi
Confidentiality (e.g., Encryption)  GOOSE/SV  Garibaldi
System membership  GOOSE/SV  Garibaldi
Determining rights of usage  SCL  Garibaldi
Revocation of membership or rights    Garibaldi

Member Validation and Policy Delivery

  • Determined by SCL
  • Manual entry
  • Digital Certifications
Policy Distribution
  • Delivery typically 24 hours
    • PULL
    • PUSH
    • Multicast PUSH
    • Key Delivery Assurance (KDA)
  • Delivers:
    • Group Keys
    • Encryption algorithm
    • Authentication/MAC Algorithm
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Garibaldi Member Validation and Policy Delivery


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