What's New - Distributed Test Manager

Current Release: V1.6.1
Release Date:  October 2023
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Newest Features in this Release

  • Various Bug Fixes

Key Additions to Recent Releases 


  • Introducing the new Test Action functionality allowing for Gateway test automation. This new feature is designed to help test communications gateways and protocol converters as well as other communication scenarios.
  • The new Test Action Manager will automate test cases where a device or system under test is expected to react data changes in connected devices by sending data messages to other connected devices. For example, the Test Action Manager can control data values in numerous DTM simulated IEC 61850 servers that are connected to a real communications gateway which in turn is connected to a DTM simulated IEC 60870-5-104 controlling station.
  • The Test Action Manager can then conduct hundreds or thousands of simulated data changes in the servers while monitoring the controlling station for expected data and quality updates.
  • All of the testing can be set up using CSV files without writing any scripts due to prepackaged Test Actions that come with DTM 1.6.


  • Added a turnkey mode and additional options to the DTM Test Manager.
  • Allow Terminals as children of Power Transformers in the functional node simulation support.
  • Added support for control block reservations before enable for IEC61850 client channels.
  • Added IEC 60870-5-101/104 Read, Reset Process, and Test command support.
  • Add new FindDataAttributeFromMMSNameEx to support accessing attributes where two nodes at the same parent have the same name (but different functional constraints).
  • Clean up TASE2 command and model view support.


  • Implemented logical node simulation and related support for the substation simulation.
  • Added IEC 61131 support.
  • Implemented 7-layer addressing for simulated IEC 61850 devices.
  • IEC61850: implemented Quality and Beh.
  • Added IEC 61850 LGOS and LSVS support to allow monitoring of GOOSE and Sampled Values performance from a client.
  • Improved performance of DTHost.
  • Added ability to specify the resource type when importing resources.
  • Added ability to capture data for subsequent replay via CSV files.
  • Changed the return type for DTExec from void to a value (0 or -1) to assist users who use scripting and batch files.
  • Added DTMAdmin configuration option to display time in local format instead of UTC.
  • Added new sample workspaces. Updated existing ones.


  • Updated DTM Interface with a new DTM Start Page for easy access to predefined workspaces, technical documentation, training videos and technical support.

  • Added MDNP Support for File Transfer

  • Improved performance of devices simulation and GUI

  • Added IEC 60870-5-101/104 Secure Authentication functionality


  • Redesigned the "Import Substation" feature to allow easier configuration and simulation of the devices in your substation. Three new configuration modes have been added to control how devices are imported into a workspace.
  • Added a new Test Manager module to allow users to run their customized test scripts automatically. This feature can be used to automate and executed your entire Test Plan.
  • Added automatic management for DTHosts with "one-per computer" and "one-per-device" modes. "User-Managed" mode is still available for users who need more control.
  • Added the ability to control DTM's functionality via scripting. This allows other engineering and test tools to take advantage of DTM's powerful simulation features.
  • Added several script methods to support IEC 61850 dynamic datasets and file transfer.
  • Added new devices addressing features. IP addresses can now be automatically added and removed from your computer based on the device requirements resulting in more realistic testing scenarios with less set up time. IPv6 capability has also been added.
  • Added support for folders in the Load/Save workspace dialog to allow users to organize workspaces
  • Improved IEC 61850 controls, GOOSE configuration and logging
  • Various bug fixes (see release notes for details)


  • Added a multi-device editor that can create or re-configure multiple devices, channels, adapters, and sessions across multiple hosts at the same time.
  • Added support for IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) communication protocol
  • Added 64-bit support for larger simulations
  • Updated user interface with more capabilities and improved ease of use
  • Added new point list capability to select and show specific points across multiple devices
  • Improved handling of resource files including capability to monitor IEC 61850 SCL files for changes
  • Enhanced many scripting functions to return improved information upon execution
  • Improved statistics for simulated devices
  • Improved multi-device editor including filtering and search options
  • Added phasor diagram and other enhancements for IEC 61850 Sampled Values 
  • Added support for routable GOOSE for IEC 61850
  • Expanded IEC 61850 model view to filter data across multiple IEDs
  • Added capability to “zip” log files to send to technical support
  • Added support to register JavaScript callback to specify behavior of IEC 61850 controls
  • Added ability to check for updates for DTM
  • Implemented an application level heartbeat to monitor DTHosts on the DTM Network
  • Added a multi-device editor that can create or re-configure multiple devices, channels, adapters, and sessions across multiple hosts at the same time.
  • Improved simulation options for CSV file playback, auto-data changes, scripting, and commands.  Simulation options can be configured easily across the entire DTM workspace.
  • Improved auto data changes so the user can be select specific points to change based on DNP3 class, IEC 61850 data sets or functional constraint, IEC 60870-5 interrogation group, or custom configuration.
  • Added ability to view all points points across devices in one point list (right click on top of workspace -> show -> point list).
  • Expanded support for IEC 61850 Sampled Values for both publishers and subscribers.
  • Made multiple improvements to IEC 61850 commands and browsing.
  • Added support for IEC 61850 File Transfer.
  • Added option to execute scripts in DTHost processes which allows the script to run on the same process on the same computer as the simulated device.
  • Added capability to multi-select nodes (devices, folders, scripts, etc.) in both the Workspace and Network views.  This allows invoking the same function across multiple nodes with one click.
  • Added ability to configure database for DNP3, IEC 60870, and Modbus Masters.
  • Added support of drag and drop of DTHost(s) to different computers in network tab.
  • Added option to automatically create and delete DTHosts as needed when loading a saved workspace.
  • Added support to show IEC 61850 data model in flat point list which allows more filtering capability.
  • Added scripting support for DNP3 and IEC 60870-5 controls.
  • Added support for 16 bit registers in Modbus.
  • Added support for DNP3 Pulse On/Off controls.
Please take note of a couple changes to DTM workspaces when upgrading to DTM Version 1.2.0:

  • The ‘yield’ JavaScript function in InSight has been deprecated. The new ‘delay’ function should be used instead.
  • Workspace commands have been reworked to improve usability and flexibility. Workspaces saved in DTM V1.1.0 or earlier may not load correctly in DTM Version 1.2.0 or later. Commands will need to be added back to the workspace in V1.2.0.
  • Improved the organization and management of multiple simulated devices in DTM workspaces
  • Enhanced the ability to configure multiple devices from a CSV file or IEC 61850 SCL Files
  • Enhanced IEC 61850 Object Model Viewer
  • Added capability for an IEC 61850 Client in DTM to perform discovery of an IEC 61850 Object Model for real or simulated IEDs
  • Increased support for configuration of IEC 61850 Control Blocks for GOOSE, Sampled Values, Reports, and Logs
  • Enhanced CSV data playback capability to simulate data changes across multiple simulated devices for all supported protocols
  • Added automatic check for DTM software updates
  • Added capabilities to save/restore multiple layouts, save protocol analyzer logs, start/stop DTM Hosts automatically, and store workspaces in folders managed by a source control system
  • Improved support of serial channels
  • Added capability to configure security parameters for all supported protocols
  • Improved stability when simulating multiple devices and when distributing simulation
  • Added GOOSE Viewer to display IEC 61850 GOOSE messages
  • Added Report Viewer to display IEC 61850 Reports
  • Added capability for IEC 61850 External Reference event subscriptions in JavaScript
  • Added support for DNP3 Secure Authentication




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