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Linux Support:
Current Release: v5.0
Release Date: Jan 2021

Newest Features in this Release

  • Web based configuration interface with support for multiple views for configuration and logging
  • User access management with support for roles

  • Audit Logging for User access control (more audits coming soon)

  • Workspace support for management of different configuration files (INI, CSV, SCD,
    CID, XML, etc).

  • Improved Protocol/System logging with more filters and built in file logging

  • Drag and drop of multiple items for mapping

  • Client/Server runtime model for configuration (gets rid of the run as service and run
    as GUI required in SDG 4)

  • Special Views for consolidating performance metrics, warnings, errors into a more
    concise location

  • Improved display of point mapping integrated into the point list panel

  • Added the ability to search and filter the point list from the web interface

  • Compatible with INI/CSV configurations from previous versions of SDG (there could
    be some minor changes required related to file paths in the INI file)

Windows Support:

Current Release: v4.01.0131
Release Date: September 2021

Newest Features in this Release

  • Improved ICCP configuration and model editing including dynamic modification of datasets and auto MDO mapping.
  • Added VCC folder to ICCP Server
  • Added OPC XML Client functionality
  • Improved OPC Logging
  • Enhanced OPC AE to be more configurable
  • Added OPCUA_PUBLISH_OFF option for all MDOs
  • Added new Channel Action functionality for MDNP channel actions to allow pause between sessions
  • Improved the stability of the SDG with internal library components
  • Improved OPC UA and OPC Classic Server to show Read/Write permissions

Key Additions to Recent Releases


  • Improved ICCP configuration and model editing including allowing dynamic modification of datasets and auto MDO mapping
  • Improved transitioning from GUI to Service and back to GUI
  • Added User Defined Folders for organizing internal MDOs and equations
  • Added a new strcmp equation for comparing strings
  • Enhance both Slave and Master modbus dual registers to support int32, uint32, and float32
  • Add capability to manually switch to a specific redundant channel for M104 redundancy


  • The SDG now allows you to create, edit, and delete model points and domains individually through the GUI interface. This is an alternative to having to define a model file and read it in. This means the SDG will allow modifications to the ICCP client model without having to read in a file.
  • Improved ICCP mapping capability to automatic mapping and automatic addition to control blocks including automatic redefinition of datasets
  • Added a “Show Config” option on ICCP servers to show the full model configuration that remote clients have setup
  • Improved logging to file to provide a means to not fill up the disk and limit the number of logs that are generated
  •  Improved ODBC queries when mapped to equations to only update once when multiple arguments from the same query are used in the equation

  • Improved 61850 server side controls when mapped to other protocol MDO controls to handle asynchronous updates


  • Improved OPC UA and OPC Classic logging
  • Added GUI configuration for the OPC UA server for all settings, including application certificates, user names/passwords and user certificates
  • Added support for Windows IoT
  • 64 bit support and continued support for 32 bit with support of up to 200,000 server points
  • Fully support V3 OPC Classic for both Client and Server
  • OPC UA (Client and Server)
  • Added GOOSEMonitor device for monitoring GOOSE streams
  • Enhanced description and tracing for IEC 61400-25 alarms
  • Improved GUI performance
  • Added TLS security to 60870-5, DNP, and Modbus TCP protocols


  • Added support for redundant TCP/IP connections for IEC 60870-5-104 controlled station/outstation channels in the SDG (according to section 10 of IEC 60870-5-104 standard)
  • Added capability for using Modbus dual registers (for 32 bit) in equations
  • Improved parsing of point mappings configuration file (.CSV)
  • Improved performance of processing IEC 61400-25 alarms
  • Enhanced description and tracing for IEC 61400-25 alarms
  • Added .INI configuration parameter for OPC Classic asynchronous write functionality
  • Added .INI configuration parameter to update OPC tags on value change only
  • Enhanced ICCP/TASE.2 client writes and reads


  • Added support for Secure Authentication for IEC 60870-5 (-101 and -104) according to the IEC 60870-5-7 standard based on the cyber-security standard IEC 62351 (Parts 3, 5, and 8)
  • Added capability to subscribe to GOOSE messages using external references from an SCL file when configuring an IEC 61850 server
  • Added capability to select which IED model to use from SCD file while when creating an IEC 61850 client connection to an IED or for creating a server model in the SDG
  • Added numerous INI parameters for enhanced customization for IEC 101/104, Modbus, DNP3, OPC, and IEC 61850 protocols
  • Added Read Range, Dual Register (32 bit integer/floating point), and Writeable Period Actions for Modbus Masters and Dual Registers (32 bit integer/floating point) for Modbus Slaves 
  • New licensing options including direct support for Virtual Machines without a USB license
    Read more about the license changes before upgrading
  • Significantly enhanced IEC 61850 functionality including:

    - Dataset validation for Report Control Blocks
    - Retry enable for Report Control Blocks
    - Manual Enable/Disable of Report Control Blocks
    - Manual reads of remote Server objects directly from MDO points
    - Support for Write-able points, including SP, CF, and SV functional constraints
    - Complete support for controls in Servers (controls already supported in Clients)
    - Better, more flexible support for handling IEC 61400-25 controls
    - Support for simultaneous close of IEC 61850 Clients

  • Provided several customization enhancements for IEC 60870-5, Modbus, and DNP protocols including more flexible control over when and how quality and time stamps change
  • Added better support and also greater customization for IEC 60870-5 -101 and -104 Slave reset requests
  • Added additional support to allow more flexible protocol to protocol mapping including new control mappings between IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5 control types and OPC
  • Improved connect/disconnect process and thread management to further improve stability
  • Added a configurable channel start delay to stagger the startup of channels
  • Improved SOE Queue interface to allow applications to capture Sequence of Events data from the SCADA Data Gateway
  • Added change event detection in equations to allow equations defined in the SCADA Data Gateway to be triggered based on input values changing 
  • Enhanced shutdown performance for large gateway configurations
  • Added new OPC Alarms and Events options
  • Added full stack addressing for IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) for 7 layer stack address filtering and to allow multiple servers to use one port
  • Improved mapping support for IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) including better support of controls
  • Added support for Normalized Fixed Point ASDU Types MMENA and CSENA in IEC 60870-5-101 and -104 
  • InSight/OPC viewer component option added to SCADA Data Gateway
  • InSight allows users to create custom displays for data visualization
  • OPC viewer acts as an OPC Client to acces OPC Server data
  • Performance improvements and new INI parameters for OPC Server
  • Added IEC 62351 security for IEC 61850 Servers and Clients
  • Additional improvements to thread pool management for improved performance
  • Performance improvements for ODBC 
  • Added the ability for pre-filter diagnostics for performance improvements
  • Added additional "ift" (if-then) equation
  • Fixed miscellaneous point mappings
  • Performance improvements when using numerous IEC 61850 Clients
  • Added a thread pool to distribute load to multiple threads and improve utilization of multi-core processors
  • Added support for Dynamic Data Sets with array indexes
  • Optimized memory allocation further to improve the stability and robustness of the Gateway
  • Improved startup time and re-connect times for many protocols and scenarios that the Gateway supports
  • Added multiple features and capabilities to the IEC 61850, DNP3, OPC, and other protocol components of the Gateway (for example, the Gateway now supports Double Bit Binary Inputs for DNP3 and has increased support for Report Control blocks in IEC 61850)
  • Added mapping ability between IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) command mdo's and ODBC mdo's
  • Updated OpenSSL library to version 1.0.1g that protects against Heart Bleed vulnerability
  • Added diagnostics related to database updates and input processing
  • Added ability for polled point sets to be read as an array in 61850, significantly improving the reading of large polled point sets
v3.01.673 - Added enhancements to ODBC Client, ChannelActiveControl for IEC 61850 Client

v3.01.661 -  Made improvements in memory handling for 61850 clients; Added protocol analyzer diagnostic messages for an OPC AE Client; Added additional statistics MDOs for 61850 clients for the request and response queues

v3.00 - First public release with bidirectional support for IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) and IEC 61850 Server; Added IEC 61850 Ed. 2 support.

v2.54 - Added IEC 61850 client, ICCP Server, and ODBC client.

v2.48 - Added support for OPC AE client.

v2.42 - Added support for DNP3 Data Sets and Device Attributes.

v2.39 - Successfully completed OPC certification and interoperability testing.

v2.29 - Successfully completed third-party DNP3 Conformance Testing.

v2.24 - Added support for mapping Slave points to other Slave points.




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