Distributed Test Manager (DTM)

The Distributed Test Manager (DTM) is a Windows™ application which enables many different types of system level testing by simulating multiple devices in a system. DTM is a system level simulator that is unique compared to other Triangle MicroWorks tools which test the communications of a single device. DTM is a highly extensible tool with multiple options for configuring devices, creating test cases, and simulating data in the system.

Features Built Into DTM

Create Multiple Clients and Servers

DTM allows multiple devices to be created and managed from a single interface:
  • Create up to hundreds of simulated devices
  • Model and test multi-protocol and multi-vendor systems
  • Add, subtract, or move devices to different computers on the network
  • Configure IEC 61850 devices based on SCL Files
  • Automatically establish connections based on configured IP address and Port Number
  • Mix simulated and real devices in the same test

Communication Protocols

DTM was implemented using our Protocol Libraries to enable the simulation of systems using many different protocols:
  • IEC 61850 - implements Client, Server, GOOSE, and Sampled Values
  • IEC 60870-5 (-101 and -104) - implements Master, Outstation, and Peer to Peer devices 
  • IEC 60870-6 (ICCP/TASE.2) - implements bi-directional Client/Server
  • DNP3 - implements Master, Outstation, and Peer to Peer devices
  • Modbus - implements Master, Outstation, and Peer to Peer devices

Configure Devices

DTM supports a variety of configuration file formats:
  • SCL Files (including .ICD, .CID, .SCD)
  • DNP3 Device Profiles
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files with DNP3, IEC 60870-5, or Modbus data points

Visualize The System

DTM has built in Insight capability with flow charts and customized GUI's
  • Create customized GUI's to facilitate testing and visualization
  • Emulate a display, single line diagram, or system representation
  • Use flow charting to model and visualize a testing procedure or device behavior

Simulate Device Behavior

DTM has built-in capability to model device logic through Insight:
  • Use scripting to simulate device behavior or logic
  • Use flow charting to model and visualize device behavior

Manipulate Device Data

DTM allows device data models to be manipulated through a variety of techniques:
  • Manually - manipulate an individual data attribute on any client or server manually using a custom user interface
  • Automatically - enable automatic data changes on specific attribute(s) at a user specified interval
  • Table Driven - playback data states with Comma Separated Value (CSV) files on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Scripting - via Flow Chart in a graphical scripting environment or via JavaScript

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