IEC 61850 Training & Workshop

Come to our office in Raleigh, NC to get a jump-start on your IEC 61850 implementation with our Source Code Libraries

Training includes both lecture time and also hands-on examples using software tools to reinforce important concepts.

Topics include an overview of the different parts of the standard, example applications, Client/Server communications, GOOSE, Sampled Values, System Configuration Language (SCL), and testing features.


IEC 61850 Protocol Training
Implementation and Assistance is also included.

Training topics and schedule can be adjusted according to your needs. A typical training session includes both protocol training and implementation training:

Protocol Training

IEC 61850 Basic Training 

- History and background of concepts
- Digital Transformation of Automation
- Applications such as Synchrophasor, Automation, & SCADA
- Integration Patterns, i.e. Client/Server, Publish/Subscribe (GOOSE & SV)
- Overview of parts of the standard and updates on current work

IEC 61850 Advanced Topics

Individualized, hand-on instruction from our engineers on how to integrate our IEC 61850 Source Code Library into your device.

- SCL workflow
- Data Modelling
- Communications
- Testing features
- Maintenance and Isolation

Implementation Training and Assistance

IEC 61850 Hands On Workshop

Additional hands on workshop covering real life examples involving :

- SCL Workflow
- Demonstration of SCL Configuration
- Demonstration of Client/ Server
- GOOSE - subscription and signals
- Introduction to TMW tools including Test Suite Pro and Distributed Test Manager

Source Code Library Implementation Overview

Our team of experts teach you best practices for quickly and successfully integrating our IEC 61850 Source Code Library into your device.

IEC 61850 Source Code Library Implementation Assistance

Begin integrating the library into your device. Our IEC 61850 experts are available to provide real-time advice and assistance in order to jumpstart your implementation .

Request Information to learn how you can get a "jump start" on your IEC 61850 implementation.



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