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DNP Tech Committee Updates ​

by Joe Stevens | May 17, 2018

Procurement Guidelines for Secure Authentication

The DNP Tech Committee has published an application note with procurement guidelines for utilities planning to include DNP3 secure authentication in their systems. The guidelines provide a template for creating a Request For Quote (RFQ) with details about which requirements should be included. Considerations include requirements for configuration of pre-shared keys, Role Based Access Control (RBAC), and support of remote key change.

New Technical Bulletins

Two Tech Bulletins were published relating to timing features in DNP3. The first bulletin includes proposed changes for IEEE 1815-2012 (DNP3) that clarify how time synchronization and event ordering are handled. The bulletin also adds more details for how and why the DNP3 object for Common Time-of-Occurrence (CTO) should be used for event objects using relative time stamps. A second bulletin related to time has proposed changes that clarify how leap seconds should be handled in DNP3.

The DNP Tech Committee is reviewing an upcoming Tech Bulletin relating to DNP3 secure authentication which will discontinue the support of multiple users per master-outstation association. 

Join the DNP Users Group and Tech Committee

Being a member of the DNP Users Group provides access to many resources including the IEEE 1815 specification, conformance testing procedures, application notes, and tech bulletins. Learn more about the benefits of joining the DNP Users Group.

The DNP Tech Committee has online meetings every other Wednesday (see meeting details here). New participants are encouraged to join the meetings to learn more about DNP3 and to discuss how to continuously improve the standard



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