LGOS node details

IEC 61850 Description of LGOS

Below is the description of the LGOS node from IEC 61850 7-4:

Data Object Name Description
St Status of the GOOSE Subscription
SimSt Status representing if Simulated GOOSE messages are received and accepted
LastStNum Last state number received
ConfRevNum Expected configuration revision number
NdsCom Subscription needs commissioning
GoCBRef Reference to the subscribed GOOSE control block

LGOS Statuses in Detail

TSP takes advantage of the already existing GOOSE tools to combine the LGOS details with available GOOSE messages on the wire to provide detailed information of possible errors in the subscription. View the list below of the possible statuses in the LGOS Tool:

Tool Tip info

When any cell is highlighted the details of the corresponding LGOS node are displayed as a tool tip as shown below:

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