Distributed Test Manager (DTM)

The Distributed Test Manager (DTM) is a Windows™ application which enables many different types of system level testing by simulating multiple devices in a system. DTM is a system level simulator that is unique compared to other Triangle MicroWorks tools which test the communications of a single device. DTM is a highly extensible tool with multiple options for configuring devices, creating test cases, and simulating data in the system.

DTM How To Videos

Distributed Test Manager "How To" Videos

  Product Features:
  • Create multiple clients and servers
  • Simulate protocol communications
  • Simulate device data models
  • Visualize systems
  • Simulate device behavior
  • Manipulate device data
Topics include:
  • Setting up hosts
  • Configuring workspaces
  • Importing substations
  • Adding devices
  • Simulating data
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DTM How To

Using DNP3 in the Distributed Test Manager

  Product Features:
  • Simulate multiple DNP3 Outstations
  • Simulate DNP3 Master Stations
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Integrate with InSight for Visual Displays
  • Simulate Data Changes
Topics include:
  • Introduction
  • Configuring Multiple Outstations
  • Create Multiple Masters
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Configure DNP3 Commands (in Masters)
  • Insight Integration
  • Creating Data Changes
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Using DNP3 in DTM

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