Distributed Test Manager (DTM)

The Distributed Test Manager (DTM) is a Windows™ application which enables many different types of system level testing by simulating multiple devices in a system. DTM is a system level simulator that is unique compared to other Triangle MicroWorks tools which test the communications of a single device. DTM is a highly extensible tool with multiple options for configuring devices, creating test cases, and simulating data in the system.


DTM can simulate the communication protocols and data models for just a single device or up to hundreds of devices on a single computer or spread across a network of computers.  The behavior of each simulated device can be modeled with built-in scripting capability.  Testing scenarios can be managed through a single application which can be run anywhere on the network.


As shown in the figure above, DTM has a central user interface for configuring simulated devices and coordinating testing across multiple hosts.  Distributed hosts simulate devices on different computers across the network.  

DTM Capabilities

  • Simulate device communications, data models, and logical behavior
  • Model device logic/behavior with built-in scripting, flow charts, and customized GUI
  • Manage multiple simulated devices and monitor real devices across a network
  • Highly configurable to run on a local computer or across a network


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