SCL Testing

An IED simulator is built into 61850 Test Suite Pro to make it easy to simulate any IED based on either an SCL file (.SCD, .CID, .ICD, etc.) or based on a discovered data model that has been read from a real IED.

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Verify SCL Files

SCL verification is built in to help check for SCL file interoperability issues. The SCL Verify tool identifies missing parameters or non-compliant SCL. The tool also checks to see if control blocks, external references, and datasets can be resolved. Warnings and errors are displayed to distinguish high priority issues. And the line number for the warning or error is highlighted in the SCL File

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Compare an IED Configuration to an SCL File

The Compare Model tool identifies any potential IED mis-configurations. First, the tool discovers the current IEC 61850 data model configuration from the IED. Then, the discovered IED data model is compared to an SCL file configuration (SCD, CID, etc.).  Any differences between the IED and the SCL are then highlighted by the tool.

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Learn More about Testing SCL Files

Go to the 61850 Test Suite Pro online help to learn more about SCL testing.

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