SCL Forge

The SCL Forge facilitates editing and creating Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files. SCL files contain the definition of the object model of a particular device or devices. SCL Forge focuses on configuring the pieces of the SCL file needed to define a particular device.

Intelligent Model Building

  • Build 61850 Object Models based on:
    • IEC 61850-7-3 (Common Data Classes)
    • IEC 61850-7-4 (Logical Nodes and Data Objects)
    • IEC 61400-25 (Wind Turbines)
    • IEC 61850-7-410 (Hydroelectric Power Plants)
    • IEC 61850-7-420 (Distributed Energy Resources)
  • Instantly validate Object Models against the schema
  • Capabilities section includes references to relevant Configuration Options in Triangle MicroWorks Source Code Libraries

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