IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP)

Our IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP) Source Code Library provides a quick and cost effective way to implement a Client, Server, or Bi-Directional TASE.2/ICCP device or application.  The library was designed from the ground up to fully support IEC 60870-6 services and efficiently use resources.  We offer our Library with .NET Components and in C++ for maximum flexibility across many different applications.  
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Library Features

Servers can be built in weeks, rather than months with our unique approach to integrating application data with IEC 60870-6 and MMS.  Our library was designed from the ground up to operate efficiently, which makes it a great choice for embedded system Server implementations.

Full IEC 60870-6 Library

  • Configuration of RFC 1006 layer parameters
  • Implementation and Configuration of entire seven layer stack
  • Support and Configuration of MMS parameters
  • Supports security both weak (MMS Authentication) and strong (IEC 62351)
  • Support for blocks 1,2 and 5, including DataSets, DataSet TransferSets, and SBO Controls
  • Support for ICCP/TASE.2 security
  • All libraries support client only, server only, and bidirectional applications
  • The library supports both 1996.8 and 2000.8 versions of IEC ICCP/TASE.2 protocol.

Supported Features

  check-mark  Read Services  
  check-mark  Write Services  
  check-mark  Reporting Services
  check-mark  Controls
  check-mark  Dynamic Data Sets
  check-mark  Discovery
For a full list of supported IEC 60870-6 services, see IEC 60870-6 Services.

Simple and Powerful Integration

  • Additional lower level interfaces available for specialized device integration requirements
  • Integrates with application at object level, not transaction level
  • Advanced data modeling techniques simplify generation of conformant servers

Additional Standards Built In

  • IEC 62351 security specification has been implemented for MMS, TLS, and IEC 60870-6

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