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DNP3 Secure Authentication Test Procedures Workshop

by Joe Stevens | Oct 30, 2015
In October, Triangle MicroWorks participated in a workshop to review and demonstrate the new test procedures for DNP3 Secure Authentication. This project was sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Other vendors that have implemented Secure Authentication also participated.  Several vendors utilized the Communication Protocol Test Harness as a test set during the event.  

The development of the DNP3 Secure Authentication test procedures has been funded by the Cyber Security Program of EPRI in order to test devices which implement DNP3 Secure Authentication. Much like the existing DNP3 conformance test procedures, the new Secure Authentication test procedures will help ensure that device vendors conform to the DNP3 standard (IEEE 1815) and maintain inter-operability of DNP3 devices in the field.


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