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What's New with IEC 61850: Part 7-2 Editors Meeting Held in Berlin

by Joe Stevens | Dec 10, 2014
Triangle MicroWorks participated in the IEC 61850-7-2 Editors Meeting held in Berlin in October. The goal of the meeting was to update Section 7-2 Abstract Communication Services Interface (ACSI) which defines the modeling classes and related services for IEC 61850 including Control Blocks, Data Sets, GOOSE, Sampled Values, and Controls. The meeting is part of the ongoing process to make improvements to the IEC 61850 standard by IEC TC 57 WG 10.

The first objective of the 7-2 Editors Meeting was to incorporate all resolved Technical Issues (TISSUES) that relate to Section 7-2. TISSUES are issues identified by IEC 61850 users that could affect interoperability. TISSUES are reviewed and resolved through a collaboration of TC 57 WG 10 and the UCA International Users Group.

The second objective of the 7-2 Editors was to work towards creating a UML based model of the ACSI services. The UML model will help to visualize the ACSI data structures for consistency and accuracy. The UML model will also be machine readable so that XML can be generated directly from the UML version of the standard. This will help automate the implementation of the standard by IEC 61850 tools.

The updates created by the 7-2 Editors are planned to be reviewed in 2015 as part of the upcoming Edition 2.1 of the IEC 61850 standard which builds on the success of Edition 2 at creating highly inter-operable communications in Substation Automation Systems. The new draft will include updates to Sections 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, and 8-1. Joel Greene, a Senior Engineer for Triangle MicroWorks, is one of the editors working on the Edition 2.1 amendment.

Triangle MicroWorks actively participates in Working Group 10 and other protocol related working groups, users groups, and committees in order to improve the standards we support and to represent the interests of our IEC 61850 Source Code Library customers. We invite our customers and others to also participate. To learn more about Working Group 10 and Technical Committee 57, visit the
IEC TC 57 website.

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