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DNP3 Tech Committee Annual Face-to-Face Meeting in Reno, NV

by Joe Stevens | Oct 27, 2014
DNP3 Tech Committee Annual Face-to-Face Meeting in Reno, NV

Joel Greene of Triangle MicroWorks attended the DNP3 Technical Committee Face-to-Face Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada in October 2014. The annual meeting is held so that the DNP3 Technical Committee can address several important issues relating to the DNP3 standard and conformance testing.

The DNP3 Technical Committee continued work on defining additional conformance test cases. This on-going work is an effort to expand the test coverage of DNP3 conformance tests along with how Master Stations and Data Concentrators should be tested. The Technical Committee is expected to make a final recommendation soon and then the proposal will be put to a vote by members of the DNP Users Group.
DNP3 Tech Committee Meeting in Reno NV
In related news, the IEEE has approved the revision process for an update to the IEEE 1815 Standard that defines the DNP3 protocol. The revisions will include several Errata and Technical Bulletins that the DNP3 Technical Committee have published over the last two years. Also, the Technical Committee will integrate the newly proposed DNP3 Key Management Protocol which defines how security credentials can be remotely updated in Outstation Devices and Master Stations.

Several employees of Triangle MicroWorks have served on the DNP3 Technical Committee and DNP3 Users Steering Committee over the years in order to support the DNP3 community and to represent our DNP3 Source Code Library customers.
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