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Triangle MicroWorks Participating in Multi-Vendor DNP3 Secure Authentication Plugfest

by Joe Stevens | Aug 11, 2014
Triangle MicroWorks will be participating in a plugfest and demonstration of DNP3 Secure Authentication (SA) hosted by EPRI.  The objective of the demonstration is to prove interoperability across multiple vendors which have implemented DNP3 Secure Authentication and to test many different system level scenarios.  The plugfest will be held August 26th through 28th at the EPRI labs in Knoxville, TN.  A Demonstration and Training Session for Utilities will also be held in Knoxville on October 28th.  

More than ten vendors will be participating in the plugfest which will cover dozens of Secure Authentication scenarios with multiple DNP3 Outstation and Master devices.  Tests will include challenge/reply sequences, session key initialization and refresh, SA over TLS, and key management.  Triangle MicroWorks will be demonstrating our DNP3 Source Code Library and test tools which support Secure Authentication Version 2 and Version 5.
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