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What's New with IEC 61850: Working Group 10 in Montpellier

by Joe Stevens | Apr 14, 2014
Joel Greene, lead developer of our IEC 61850 stack, represented Triangle MicroWorks at Working Group 10 in Montpellier in February, 2014.  Working Group 10, which is part of IEC Technical Committee 57, oversees the definition of the IEC 61850 standard.  Christoph Brunner of it4power serves as convener of the Working Group.  Several taskforces addressed many different technical areas during the week long session.  

One highlight of the session was a presentation from the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) which included feedback for the “Users Feedback” Taskforce.  In an effort to improve multi-vendor interoperability, ENTSO-E has produced lots of useful feedback and a punch list of items for Working Group 10 to address.  Read more about the ENTSO-E project here.
Montpellier-Chateau d'Eau 

Working Group 10 has been working toward the goal of producing a draft of the Edition 2.1 amendment for review later this year. The new draft will include updates to Sections 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, and 8-1.  Joel Greene is one of the editors working on the Edition 2.1 amendment.

Triangle MicroWorks actively participates in Working Group 10 and other protocol related working groups, users groups, and committees in order to improve the standards we support and to represent our customers’ interests.  We invite our customers and others to also participate.  To learn more about Working Group 10 and Technical Committee 57, visit the IEC TC 57 website.

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