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C&C Check for SCL Files Added to IEC 61850 Test Suite

by Joe Stevens | Apr 08, 2014
The latest release of the 61850 Test Suite (V3.5.59) from Triangle MicroWorks has integrated a new feature called Consistency and Completeness Check (C&C Check) into AnvilHammer, and SCL Forge.  All three tools can now analyze SCL Files (.ICD, .IID, .CID, .SSD, .SED, or .SCD) for both syntax and specific aspects of IEC 61850.  Among the many checks performed, C&C Check verifies an SCL File against the Standard Object Models defined in IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2, as well as Object Models defined in IEC 61400-25 (Wind Turbines), IEC 61850-7-410 (Hydro), and IEC 61850-7-420 (DER).

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C&C Check was added to address errors above and beyond what normal XML Schema Validation provides.  This level of checking is a recommended first step in publishing an SCL file or using an SCL file from an external source.  Running C&C Check can help reduce time and effort spent debugging 61850 devices and systems.  
In addition to validation of the XML Schema (defined in IEC 61850-6), the following checks are performed by C&C Check:

    • Ensure all tokens resolve in order to build a completely defined Object Model
    • Verify DataTypeTemplates section for:
      • 'id' attribute is not empty
      • No duplicates are present
      • Flag any unused templates
    • Verify Instance Data:
      • Path is correct and found in object model
      • Value is valid based on given type
    • Verify all DataSet members resolve
    • Match GOOSE communication with GOOSE Control Blocks
    • Match Sampled Value communication with Sampled Value Control Blocks
    • Match communication section to access points in IEDs
    • Find any name, order, and type inconsistencies for LogicalNodeType, DOType, DATYpe, and EnumType according to IEC 61850 ED1/ED2 standard

We encourage you to try SCL File C&C Check that is available for free on our website and is built into the 61850 Test Suite.  Existing customers can download the latest version from the Customer Portal.  New customers can download a 21 day trial version of the 61850 Test Suite.
SCL File Checking - Screenshot

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