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DNP3 Users Group Releases AN2013-004 Validation of Incoming DNP3 Data

by User Not Found | Dec 18, 2013
The DNP3 Users Group has released a new application note regarding validation of received data. Triangle MicroWorks is pleased to report that our coding standards already exceed these recommendations.
On December 11, 2013, the DNP3 Users Group released a new application note, AN2013-004 Validation of DNP3 Data.

This note describes various checks that should be performed on received data to verify
that the data represent a valid DNP3 message.

As active contributors and participants of the DNP3 Technical Committee, Triangle MicroWorks was involved in the creation and approval of this release note. Note that this document contains general recommendations designed to help a developer think in terms of the issues that should be considered when working with protocol software. It is not intended to be exhaustive.

We are pleased to report that the coding practices at Triangle MicroWorks already exceed these recommendations.
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