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DNP Users Group Members: Vote on Question 2013-01

by User Not Found | Dec 18, 2013
The DNP Users Group has issued Question 2013-001:

Should the use of Status Code 126 [NON_PARTICIPATING] in control commands and responses be supported or removed?

Triangle MicroWorks supported the Technical Committee's recommendation to vote "REMOVE" for the reasons described in Section 2.

Thank you to all DNP Users Group Members who voted on this question. The voting period has ended, and the results are as follows:

Supported: 13.3%
Removed:   86.7%

According to this vote, Control Status 126 will be removed from the DNP Protocol, and a new Technical Bulletin (expected in early 2014) will be released to detail the changes to IEEE 1815-2012 (DNP).

Triangle MicroWorks will be issuing a DNP3 Source Code Library update in early 2014 to reject all control commands with a non-zero status, in accordance with this vote.

If you have any questions about this vote, feel free to contact Triangle MicroWorks or the DNP3 Secretary.

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