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Enable and Disable Reports

In the Advanced Client, reports can be enabled in several ways all of which are available through the context menu on a RepotControlBlock or by toolbar buttons.


Reads the members of the ReportControlBlock


For buffered ReportControlBlocks this will performs a resynch. Before the Report is enabled the last EntryID we saw is written to the server. This will cause the server to either put out an error because the buffer has wrapped or send the all reports after that EntryID.

Note: EntryID is an optional field for ReportControlBlocks. So, the resynch feature is not available in those cases.

Enabled (Raw)

This simply sets RptEna to true and writes it to the server. Note: RptEna cannot be edited directly in the value column so that the GUI can more easily track it.

Purge and Enable

For buffered reports this a purge of the buffer then enables the control block.


For buffered reports this does a purge of the buffer.

Send GI

This sends the GI (general interrogation) command to the server


You are here: Testing Reports > Enable and Disable Reports

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