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View GOOSE on the Network (Sniffer)

The GOOSE Tracker is used to sniff GOOSE streams on the network.

Start the Tracker

1) Select the GOOSE Tracker tool

2) Select which Ethernet adapter from your PC to use

3) Start Tracker

Viewing GOOSE Streams

After the GOOSE Tracker starts, the table of GOOSE streams will be updated to show current status. Here are some of the columns displayed:

  • Valid - this indicates if messages from the GOOSE stream have been received and the stream has not timed out
  • Is Subscribed To - this indicates if 61850 Test Suite Pro has subscribed to receive GOOSE events for this stream. The GOOSE Event Viewer shows received GOOSE events.
  • Num Timeouts - this indicates how many times the GOOSE stream has timed out
  • Found in File - this indicates that the GOOSE stream on the wire has been matched to a GOOSE control block in the SCL file. If this is False, this could indicate that an IED's GOOSEcontrol block is mis-configured.
  • Resolved From File - this indicates that the GOOSE control block was fully resolved using the data model from the SCL file.
  • Duplicate - this indicates that this GOOSE stream is a duplicate indicating that two IEDs are publishing the same GOOSE


You are here: Testing GOOSE > View GOOSE on the Network (Sniffer)

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