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Subscribing to GOOSE

You can subscribe to GOOSE streams from either the Data Miner or Advanced Client:

Subscribe to GOOSE from Data Miner:

1) Find the data objects available from GOOSE control blocks by using Data Miner filters

2) Make sure GOOSE is selected on Data Retrieval Method

3) Drag the data objects to either the Custom Display or Data Monitor

The tool will subscribe to the first GOOSE stream that is found which contains that data object

You can confirm the data retrieval method by hovering the mouse over the display object

Subscribe to GOOSE from Advanced Client:

In the Advanced Client, GOOSE Control Blocks can be found under the logical node LLN0 in any logical device

To subscribe to a GOOSE control block:

1) Select the GOOSE control block name

2) Optional: read the GOOSE control block to ensure you have the current IED configuration (either click read button or right click -> Read)

3) Subscribe to the selected GOOSE control block (either click subscribe button or right click -> Subscribe)

Once a GOOSE control block has been subscribed, you can view GOOSE events (data change, quality change) in the GOOSE Event Viewer. If GOOSE events are not being received, try these GOOSE debug instructions.

Note: Enable and Disable on the GOOSE control block will turn on/off the publishing of the GOOSE message from the server in the IED. Some IEDs do not allow this.


You are here: Testing GOOSE > Subscribing to GOOSE

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