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Simulate an IED from an SCL File

Tip: Any IED in a 61850 Test Suite Pro workspace can be simulated. IEDs can be loaded from an SCL File or by reading the data model from an IED using discovery.

To simulate an IED from an SCL file:

  1. Create a new workspace using the SCL file that defines the IED data model. Important: make sure that 61850 Test Suite Pro and the real IED are not on the same network to avoid conflicts between the real IED and the simulated IED
  2. Go to the IED Simulator tool (see screen shot below):
  3. Click on the IED drop down menu
  4. Select the IED you want to simulate
  5. Click start on the ribbon bar

Click here to learn how to simulate an IED based on a data model read from a real IED

Note: It is important that you do not simulate a real IED that is on the same network as 61850 Test Suite Pro. This could cause conflicting GOOSE messages to be published by the simulated IED and real IED or potentially cause other conflicts for IEC 61850 clients that are connected to the real IED.


You are here: Simulate an IED > Simulate an IED from an SCL File

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