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Create a Workspace

There are four steps to creating a new workspace:

1) Start a new workspace

2) Find IEDs with an SCL File or with IP addresses

3) Add IEDs to the workspace

4) Save workspace

Start a New Workspace

1) Go to the Workspace tool

2) Click on "New Workspace".

This will open the workspace editor.

Workspace Editor

There are two options for searching for IEDs:

1) Find IEDs using SCL Files - this option loads the IED data model from an SCL File

2) Find IEDs by IP address - this option uses discovery to read the data model from the real IED

Find IEDs using SCL Files

1) Select "SCL Files" in the Search Criteria.

2) Click "Browse" to select the SCL files (.icd, .cid., .scd, etc.). Multiple files can be selected by pressing CTRL.

Example: Create a workspace for the Example Servers by using the SCD file located in C:\Program Files\Triangle MicroWorks\TMW Test Suite Pro\bin\Resources\TMWSample.scd

3) Click "Open" and Test Suite Pro will parse the SCL file and make an initiate connection request to each IED configured in the SCL file.

4) Add the IEDs to the Workspace Contents which shows the IEDs that are part of the workspace

5) Save the workspace

Note: the Example Servers all use the same loopback IP address ( for convenience. Real IEDs will each have a unique IP address

A status icon is shown for each IED. And a tool tip with more information can be shown by hovering the mouse over the IED.

Connection Timed Out
Initiate Connection Success
Unknown IED

Find IEDs by IP Address

IEDs can also be found using an IP address range. The tool will find IEC 61850 servers listening on port 102 on the network. Port 102 is the standard default port used by IEC 61850 IEDs.

1) Click "IP Address or IP Range" in the Search Criteria box

2) Enter the IP address to search. To search a range of addresses, then click "and continue searching through" and enter the ending address.

3) Click the Find Devices button to begin the search.

Note: If the Clear search results first check box is checked, then any IEDs in the search area will be removed before newly found IEDs are added.

Each IED that is found in the IP address range will be indicated with an IED icon. If a connection is inititated, the icon will show the green check mark. If the IP address does not respond with a correctly formatted 61850 message, the IED icon will have a question mark on it.

Below are scan results where the tool initiated a connection with three IEDs:

Add IEDs to the Workspace Contents

After IEDs have been found, the next step is to add the IEDs to the workspace. This can be done by selecting the IEDs in the search area and dragging them to the workspace area. The IEDs can be multi-selected by holding down the ctrl-key and individually selecting icons or by holding down the Shift-key to select a range of icons.

Note: In addition to dragging the IEDs into the workspace, there are several other ways to add IEDs. Selected IEDs can be added to the workspace by clicking the red arrow that is positioned between the Search area and the Workspace Contents area. There are also context menu items available by right clicking on any selected IED in the search area. The context menu can be used to add the selected IEDs, all IEDs in a search group, or all the IEDs currently shown in the search area.

IED Data Model from Discovery vs. SCL File

If IEDs are added to the workspace using an SCL File, the IED data models will be sourced from the SCL File.

If IEDs are added to the workspace using an IP address search, the IED data models will be sourced from the IEDs using discovery. During the discovery process, a bar flashes above the IED’s icon. If a model is successfully read, the icon is shown with a green check mark. Also, if the name of the IED is found, it is added just below the IED’s icon. Below is what the IED icons look like during discovery.

Save Workspace

The workspace can be saved with a unique name and an optional description of the workspace contents.


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